Brücke GmbH

About the company: Brücke GmbH is a developing company that is committed to the European leadership in the field of business education. Our people, our goals and our passion constitute the core of our success!
Brücke GmbH strives to provide knowledge and experience essential for our clients, eliminate borders for information exchange that will allow to reach new heights in life and business.
Clients! The customer is the core of everything! We do our best to make customers “stronger”. It is the only way in which we can become “stronger” too!
Progress! To act, to create, to change, to fight on, to overcome the circumstances, to win is indispensable part of our growth!
Creativity! This engine should always be working! Our fuel is thinking that is produced by the pleasure of life and work. It is two halves of the whole.
Our Services:
MASTER CLASS EXPERTS: Open Event / One day / 200 - 500 Participants
EDUCATIONAL TRIPS: Traveling Abroad / 4-7 Days / 20-50 Participants
BUSINESS CONFERENCES: Open Event /1-3 Days/ 350-600 Participants
CORPORATE TRAININGS:  Closed Event/1-2 Days/ Employees of the Company
Presentation about Brücke GmbH: http://bit.ly/2ttT4hS

Address: Danziger Platz 2-4, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 40 80 78 70; +49 (0) 69 96 75 86 09
Fax: +49 (0) 69 40 80 78 56
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URL:  http:www.bruecke-gmbh.de

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